Two Things You May not have Realized
When Choosing Your Patio Furniture


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If you are the owner of a home with a patio, congratulations!

What better way to enjoy a sunny day than sitting in your patio with your family or have a few mates over and have a few drinks together or maybe a barbeque.

However, having beautiful flowers in the vicinity just is not enough. What could be more nerve wrecking and humiliating than not having the proper furniture to adorn your patio. Choosing and buying patio furniture is not for everyone. It is definitely a daunting task with so many factors to consider including:

  • How your house and patio are designed – Surely you do not want conflicting design themes. If your house was built predominantly with timber, wouldn’t you want wooden furniture too? If the design of your house is contemporary, would your grand dad’s rocking chair look sitting the patio? Probably not, and it probably wouldn’t be nice if your friends saw it too!
  • Weather condition – The material of the furniture can make or break your investment. Choosing the right material is of utmost importance to ensure that your expensive patio furniture does not get damaged under harsh weather conditions. You would need to choose furniture made of materials with weatherproof properties or the slightest of rain would destroy them.

As you can see, it is definitely a big headache choosing the right patio furniture that would last a long time. Fortunately at Dartmouth Casual Furniture, we stock a huge variety of furniture so you can easily make your decision. We are, after all, one of the Top 100 Patio Stores in the country as voted by Casual Living Magazine!

How you select furniture for your patio is largely dependent on how your patio and house are designed. Thus, the style of the furniture as well as the material should complement the design. Ideally, before even choosing the furniture, you should have already planned and envisioned how they would look like so they would be united through your design plans.

But, if you skipped the envisioning or the planning phase and your patio is now built, that’s okay. We’re here to help! The key here is to let your imagination run wild!

You see, patio furniture does not need be just a picnic table and a few outdoor chairs scattered about. There are so many styles of furniture you can choose from. Glass tables, porch swings, wicker benches and woven rattan chairs are just some of the patio furniture available to name a few!

Look inside your home for inspiration. It is always nice to create a smooth flow of theme throughout. The furniture outside in the patio should complement the furniture in your living room. If you prefer an elegant, relaxing and mellow atmosphere as reflected by the wicker sofa sets and coffee tables in your living room, replicate that atmosphere by choosing similar furniture to be placed outside!

After you have thought out how you would want the patio furniture set to look like, it is now time to consider the furniture material if you haven’t already!

Probably the most popular choice cast aluminum. They are weather resistant and built with tubular framing, they are pretty solid and would be strong enough so strong winds would not throw them about and you would not need to worry when you ask a big sized person to come over to your house!

Cast aluminum patio furniture is not going to rust. When choosing one, ensure that the joints are welded. If there are bolts present, make sure they are made of stainless steel or aluminum. When powder coated, they are extremely durable and will serve you for many years to come.

If you prefer a classic and warm atmosphere, wooden patio furniture would be your best bet. Look out for furniture made with Western Red Cedar – it being weather resistant means you do not need to worry when rain comes pouring down or when it gets extremely cold during winter. Look through the Telescope range here to get some ideas!

So you want something simple and lightweight? Don’t like dragging heavy wooden coffee tables around? Perhaps plastic furniture would be suitable for you. Plastic furniture is another one that would take years of abuse and it would still hold up. It will not fade in color and it can definitely take on many of the weather challenges you would find in Massachusetts.

Kettler makes an amazing range of plastic furniture you can take to your patio. Kettler’s manufacturing process which includes double-injection molding significantly increases the quality of the furniture which adds to the already long life of furniture built with plastic! Click here to get inspired now!

An umbrella would add a nice shade during days with unbearable sun. Your choice of umbrellas is largely dictated by the fabric on your chairs. If the fabric wrapping your cushion is laced with red and white stripes, perhaps an umbrella with the same pattern would create an even more captivating experience. Sure to get your visitors throwing compliments! We carry some pretty fancy umbrellas and heavy bases for stability – click here to start browsing and gather ideas some ideas for your next umbrella!

Remember that your patio is all about recreating a nice homely experience outside. It should be place for merrymaking and fun. You are really closing the gap between indoor and outdoor with your patio. Choose the right chairs and tables in your patio to suit your personality. Let Dartmouth Casual Furniture take care of your furnishing needs!

Give us a call or visit our showroom. We’ll be glad to assist you any way we can!



Click Here to View Our Complete
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