Outdoor Furniture Dos and Don’ts


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Outdoor furniture can be great accents and additions to a beautiful landscape of gardens, the beach, or an urban veranda. Given the fact that they are costly, it’s not every day that you can buy replacements once they rot, but simple maintenance will help protect the pieces. Here are important do’s that you need to remember:

1. Do keep it away from water and moisture if you want the sets to have a long life. Whether it’s wood, metal or plastic, water and moisture are harmful to your beautiful and expensive pieces and will cause them to rot, rust, and collect unwanted fungi and pests.

2. Do follow care instructions usually included with brand new furniture. For old or second-hand types, there are many articles that can help you learn how to care for your wood, metal or plastic furniture.

3. If the instructions say to do so, use cleaning oils or wax suggested by the manufacturer to keep your pieces clean, shiny, strong, water-resistant, and fungi- and pest-free. There are some wood types that require special cleaning oils. Depending on the type of metal, there are also some that require the use of metal cleaners and polishers. For plastic, depending on the literature that comes with it and the type of plastic used in the manufacturing process, a clean damp cloth and a dry cleaning rag is usually enough.

4. Do clean and polish your furniture sets regularly, especially if you spill something on it.  Regular cleaning and shining is usually enough for furniture sets to last long.

5. Do conduct regular maintenance checks on your outdoor furniture. If the legs are rotting or cracked, if the upholstery needs replacing, if the arms are about to fall, address it. This is for your family’s safety as well.

6. Metal frames today are typically made to be rust-free or rust-resistant, but cleaning them to avoid grime is a good idea to maintain the protective layer. If they are of the rusting type, naval jelly is okay as wax to keep it rust-proof and shiny.

Here’s our list of Don’ts:

1. Advise and supervise children NOT to jump on your sofas, sectionals, recliners, loungers, etc. Even if these expensive pieces are guaranteed strong and sturdy, their legs and seating base won’t be able to withstand constant jumping, gravity, and drastic weight shifts caused by jumping.

2. Do not use pure bleach or any other harmful chemicals on varnished wood pieces. Metals also don’t react well with chlorine bleach, and plastic will melt when cleaned with chemicals such as these. If mildew appears, clean it with a mix of less than a cup of chlorine-based bleach, 2.5 cups of laundry powder, and 1.25 gallons.

3. Do NOT include the pillows and cushions when cleaning the frames. Especially with whites and lightly colored fabrics, they just might get dirtied up during the cleaning process of removing months-old dirt or dried spills.

4. Never use plastic as coverings. Moisture can get inside even if your pieces are covered in plastic. Remember, moisture on any make or type of outdoor furniture is enough to make it rot or rust..

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